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Helping Field Summary

Lynda McCarthy, Charline Meeks, Debbie Warnke, Marcial Wiggins

BSH/305: Historical Development of Human Services: An Introduction

August 31, 2014

Mary Newhams

Why Professionals Choose the Helping Field
Written by Debbie Warnke

I believe the reason professionals choose the helping field is because of a sense of accomplishment and the idea of being able to make a difference. Many human service professionals refer to this type of work as a “calling” and having the ability to show an individual or family how to become self-sufficient is a satisfaction that only someone in the helping field can describe.

Why Choose the Helping Field

Many of the individuals in the helping field are known as “idealists.” They have what is known as a NF (iNtuitive /Feeling) temperament. This temperament gives an individual a sense of purpose and they are known to be more creative, more empathetic, and have a tendency to focus on feelings more than facts. An individual with the NF temperament are often impatient with the business world, policies, and procedures, and are more likely to focus ultimately on the bottom line ( Myers, et al.,1998).

Other reasons professionals chose to enter the helping field is because they know someone with a mental illness or addiction, they have other family members that are in the same/similar field, they like to help people that are in high risk situations such as substance abuse, homelessness, child neglect/abuse, and many other situations. The one thing I do know is that people who enter the helping field must possess certain qualities and characteristics.

I feel the most important of these qualities is empathy. The professional must be able to put themselves in the clients’ shoes and feel what they are feeling. There are a lot of other…...

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