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Great Kids In No Time

Studies show that children whose fathers are "highly involved" in their kids' schooling--who attend "Back-to-School Night" or man the three-legged-race station at field day--earn more A's. Better still, "highly involved" is defined as only three or four of these appearances a year.

"Teachers communicate more with parents if they've met them in person," says Maureen Black, Ph.D., professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland medical school. In other words, build relationships with the teachers, and your children won't get away with anything.

Planning tip: Since the school calendar is set by Labor Day, ink in the year's events as soon as you can so there won't be conflicts later.

If you're running late and the kid comes in while you're shaving, don't tell him to beat it. Instead, "Hoist him on the sink, let him help you lather, and answer his questions--he'll have lots of them," says Robert Frank, Ph.D., author of Parenting Partners.

Answering them all is impossible--we have no idea why that glob of shaving cream looks like Uncle Bobby--but any man can give a kid 5 or 10 minutes.

The payoff: Spontaneous chats bond kids to their dads in ways planned activities can't, Frank says.

Don't waste the nightly 20-minute drive to tae kwon do classes listening to stock reports. Instead, just listen. Frank says paying attention to what your kids are saying now makes it more likely they'll listen to you later.

Trouble getting through to your teen? Take your kid's friends along. Teen-agers are more forthcoming with their peers' parents, Frank says. So you're more likely to hear about a bully or a bad teacher from your boy's buddy than from him.

Research shows that a dad's less-fearful approach to parenting--letting the kids climb…...

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...imagine that we are building a snowman and act out the movements. I would also bring in different size balls that children could try stacking and problem solve ways to keep them together. In another activity I would play music and ask the children to describe where they think the snowman would be flying over and have them dance to the rhythm if it’s fast or slow. The music would be jungle music, ocean waves, sounds of nature, etc. The second book I chose is “The Lion and the Bird” by Marianne Dubac. This is a wonderful heartfelt story of a Lion who finds a Bird in his garden. The bird is left behind by his flock so Lion cares for him through the winter. The Bird ends up Leaving with her flock in the spring. The Lion misses her terribly as he goes back to his solitary life. When Autum returns so does Bird. Activities for this book that promote music would be to play music of various tempos promoting different feelings. I would also give the children scarves to add extra interest in the body’s movements. The last book that I selected was “Orion and the Dark” by Emma Yarlett. This was a book about a little boy named Orion who was scared of a lot of things, especially the dark. One night dark takes orion on an adventure. I love that Dark is depicted as a soft friendly being. For this book I would have the children turn off the lights and follow glowing stars on the floor through an obstacle course. This may have to start out with one light on depending on how comfortable the......

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