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I believe the biggest political problem facing the United States today, is lack of equal education. We are constantly told that all education is equal. However, this is obviously not true. On the basic level, there is a clear distinction between private and public schools. Primarily this is easy to see in the middle and high school level. Since public education is free, and private is not the economically privileged can afford to send their children to private school, with smaller classes, bigger salaries for teachers, and a more academically based curriculum. Private schools also focus on college level studies, with more homework and the like. Public schools tend to focus more on rules and keeping everyone in line. This is more prevalent in poorer areas. In public schools, there is a lack of equality, because, even though taxes pay for schools, the schools in wealthier neighborhoods get more funding, because more tax money is being paid. I believe this is the biggest problem in the U.S., because it allows us to continually divide our classes, and have generations stay in the same place. If someone goes to a public school, in a poorer area, they are not going to acquire the proper academic skills, to really be prepared for college. They will not receive grants, or have the proper skills to get the kind of financial aide needed. Typically their parents won’t have the money to send their child to college, and a lot more poor drop out, because they get tired of the system, and see the truth of it trying to keep them in line, rather than helping and bettering. The student needs to make money, because unlike wealthier kids, their parent aren’t giving them money, so often they will drop out to have income. Then most of their life, they will struggle to get by, and their kids will most likely go to…...

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