High-Involvement Work Design and Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction has important economic effects. Low job satisfaction is associated with higher rates of quitting and higher rates of absenteeism; high job satisfaction correlates with improved job performance and organizational citizenship behaviour. Dissatisfaction therefore may result in higher labour costs and lower productivity.

This article studies the relationship between job satisfaction and high-involvement. The huge no. of observation (25000) has allowed the authors to draw general insights about the relationship. Also authors could check additional variables which may be indicator of dissatisfaction and thus allowed the authors to test how broad a range of satisfaction measures can be linked to high-involvement work practises. Finally, because they used a data set that includes information from both employers and employees and follows both groups over time, they can control for a number of specific sources of bias, and look for evidence on the direction of causality.

Background of research:

A large body of literature on socio-technical systems, total quality management, and high-performance work systems argues that jobs with a high degree of employee involvement might increase satisfaction. The existing literature also recognizes, however, that even if a positive association between the characteristics of work and the evaluative judgment that individuals make about their jobs exists, the direction of causality may not run entirely in one direction. High-involvement jobs may also correlate with lower levels of job satisfaction. Critics argue that workers may dislike job redesign because job redesign is often accompanied by job intensification. A negative correlation between involvement and job satisfaction would not necessarily imply causation. Employers who have…...

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