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By Pallavee Dhaundiyal Panthry
Publication: The Economic Times
Date: Monday, March 9 2009

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The five-year contract between Indian Railways and Indian School of Business to train top brass in the Indian Railways, signed last month, has started delivering results. The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) at the ISB, recently, conducted the first management training workshop for senior administrative officers in the Indian Railways.
The aim of the six day workshop was to get the top brass of the Indian Railways to develop competencies and skills that focus on three objectives - developing strategic thinking, developing crossfunctional perspective, and managing complexity and uncertainty in their current roles.
The course structure was geared to develop a general manager's perspective - decision making; develop understanding of own department's role within Indian Railways' overall goals; long-term thinking and planning; how to lead change, moving from ideas to implementation; financial evaluation of projects, etc.
Participant Sanjay Gehlot, chief commercial manager, passenger services, Eastern Railways said, "This programme gave us a good idea of where we stand and where we are heading for. We acquired a theoretical framework as to what we should be aspiring for."
He also pointed out a session that he found particularly interesting . "It was about how in order to have happy customers you must first have happy employees, and that employee orientation is equally important as customer orientation ," he said.
The workshop comprised sessions like one on operations and supply chain/IT strategies mentored by Medini Singh, customer focussed marketing strategy by Nirmal Gupta, leadership and change management by S Ramnarayan, and finally a session on strategic thinking and implementation by Atul Nerkar. All the…...

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Hindi Essay on Diwali

...दीपावली का अर्थ है दीपों की पंक्ति। दीपावली शब्द ‘दीप’ एवं ‘आवली’ की संधि से बना है। आवली अर्थात पंक्ति। इस प्रकार दीपावली शब्द का अर्थ है, दीपों की पंक्ति। भारतवर्ष में मनाए जानेवाले सभी त्यौहारों में दीपावली का सामाजिक और धार्मिक दोनों दृष्टि से अत्यधिक महत्त्व है। इसे दीपोत्सव भी कहते हैं। ‘तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय’ अर्थात् ‘अंधेरे से ज्योति अर्थात प्रकाश की ओर गमन’। दीप जलाने की प्रथा के पीछे अलग-अलग कारण या कहानियां हैं। हिंदू मान्यताओं में राम भक्तों के अनुसार कार्तिक अमावस्या को भगवान श्री रामचंद्रजी चौदह वर्ष का वनवास काटकर तथा असुरी वृत्तियों के प्रतीक रावणादि का संहार करके अयोध्या लौटे थे। तब अयोध्यावासियों ने राम के राज्यारोहण पर दीपमालाएं जलाकर महोत्सव मनाया था। इसीलिए दीपावली हिंदुओं के प्रमुख त्योहारों में से एक है। कृष्ण भक्तिधारा के लोगों का मत है कि इस दिन भगवान श्री कृष्ण ने अत्याचारी राजा नरकासुर का वध किया था। इस नृशंस राक्षस के वध से जनता में अपार हर्ष फैल गया और प्रसन्नता से भरे लोगों ने घी के दीए जलाए। एक पौराणिक कथा के अनुसार विंष्णु ने नरसिंह रुप धारणकर हिरण्यकश्यप का वध किया था तथा इसी दिन समुद्रमंथन के पश्चात लक्ष्मी व धन्वंतरि प्रकट हुए। नेपालियों के लिए यह त्योहार इसलिए महान है क्योंकि इस दिन से नेपाल संवत में नया वर्ष शुरू होता है। पंजाब में जन्मे स्वामी रामतीर्थ का जन्म व महाप्रयाण दोनों दीपावली के दिन ही हुआ। इन्होंने दीपावली के दिन गंगातट पर स्नान करते समय 'ओम' कहते हुए समाधि ले ली। महर्षि दयानन्द ने भारतीय संस्कृति के महान जननायक बनकर दीपावली के दिन अजमेर के निकट अवसान लिया। इन्होंने आर्य समाज की स्थापना की।...

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Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa

...CONFUSIONS ABOUT MULTICULTURATION Jan Pakulski Journal Sociology 2004, Vol. 50(1) 23-36 CRITIQUE PAPER Submitted to: Prof. Jennelyn Gomez Good Samaritan Colleges City of Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in Ed 106 Social Dimensions in Education Submitted by: Mary Joy V. Lumbania Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study is to provide a clarification of the original meaning of multiculturalism as adopted in Austria. By means of a careful review of theoretically relevant literature and through different sociologist views about multiculturalism. This study seeks clarification about what will happen to Australian if they embrace multiculturalism. The purpose of this study is to know the main goal of multiculturalism in Australian. Apparatus and Procedure Results The clarification about the confusions of multiculturalism is not clear. The study is ended up in wide comparative analysis, comparing the outcomes in societies when Australian embraced the multiculturalism. After studying the possible outcomes of multiculturalism the Australian interpreted the multiculturalism as a form of ‘social contract’ between the majority and the diverse minorities. And the ‘social contract’ is about the majority accepts and protect minorities, affirms cultural differences and supports a degree of the majority. Law, justice system, parliamentary democracy and market economy is involves in the ‘social contract’. Conclusion This paper......

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Air India Crisis

...that is highly unionized. Recent strategic implementations: 1. From june 15 to July 25 , A1 launched an economy class package worth Rs.30000 and also a business class package worth Rs. 50000 which will allow passengers to enjoy unlimited number of flights along the length and breadth of the country. 2. Long pending salaries of the employees would be disbursed by the end of june 2011 3. Company in talks with 26 banks to restructure debt. 4. The latest plan would focus on a hub and spoke route model , cut costs by redeplying staff and unload non core real estate. 5. According to the restructuring plan part of the debt would be converted to long term loans at fixed rates of interest. Introduction: Air India (Hindi: एअर इंडिया) is the flag carrier airline of India. It is part of thegovernment of India owned Air India Limited (AIL). The airline operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft serving Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Its corporate office is located at the Air India Building at Nariman Point in South Mumbai. Air India has two major domestic hubs at Indira Gandhi International Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. An international hub at Dubai International Airport is currently being planned.[1] Air India has the fourth largest share in India's domestic air travel market, behind Jet Airways, Kingfisher and IndiGo.[2] Following its merger with Indian, Air India has faced multiple problems, including escalating......

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Experiments Abound in Today"S Hindi Cinema

...While growing up in the northern plains of Bihar, I loved watching Spaghetti Westerns―all the way from John Wayne to Clint Eastwood. There was something so outlandish about them that despite their breathless guns and bloodletting, I found them rather amusing. Little did I then know that if I wanted to see the Wild West for myself, I had only to look a few miles to my south―towards the coal mines around the charred, soot-soaked town of Dhanbad. My neighbourhood Wild West complete with its dust-laden rusticity and bloodthirsty brawn, comes to life in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. The film is an epic retelling of the vicious circle of violence that has gripped Dhanbad and its vicinity from before Independence, weaving together political history and social commentary with sweat-scented tension and a wry humour. The first part of the five-hour drama was released on 22 June, the second part has released in August. The story, based on actual news reports, is a multi-generational account of the blood feud between two Muslim families―one Pathan and the other Qureshi (butcher)―and how it is used by a powerful Hindu Bhumihar for political gains. Protagonist Sardar Khan has vowed to avenge his father’s murder at the behest of mining contractor-turned-minister Ramadhir Singh. Sardar’s father Shahid Khan was himself a ‘bahubali’ (local strongman) working for Singh in the village of Wasseypur, but was murdered when Singh learnt of his plan to betray him. Singh also sent Ehsaan Qureshi,...

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