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Unlawful Burden: Cost of Illegal Immigration on Local Government
What is the cost of illegal immigration today on state and local governments? This has become a hot topic at the federal, state and local levels with a wide variety of opinions. This paper will explore both sides of the issue with a closer look at the state and local impact on taxpayers.
Cost of Illegal Immigration

Today it is estimated that the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level to be nearly $113 billion dollars, with approximately $84 billion dollars being spent on the state and local levels alone. Recent studies have also estimates that taxes collected from illegal alien workers, both in the above-ground economy and in the underground economy do not come close to the amount of current expenditures. The impact of illegal immigrants on the federal budget differs from their effect on state and local budgets primarily because of the types of services provided by each level of government.
The federal government while providing some services requires state and local governments to provide certain services to individuals regardless of their immigration status or ability to pay in order for them to participate in federal programs. This has made most states and local governments bear much of the burden to providing education, health care and law enforcement to individuals living in their jurisdiction.
Budgetary Effect of Illegal Immigration
The Congressional Budget Office has attempted to evaluate for the last 15 years the impact of illegal immigrants on the budgets of state and local governments. The scope and analytical methods of the study vary and no reports have provided a consistent or reliable assessment of the national effect that illegal immigrants have on state and local budgets. The CBO was able to conclude through the reports hat state…...

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