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Consumer Behavior
Hispanic Teens:
The New Bicultural Youth

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Hispanic Teens: The New Bicultural Youth

Summary Hispanic teens constitute about 20 per cent of all teenagers, and they are very important to marketers. The Hispanic teens represent $20 billion in spending power, and this is growing by 62 per cent through 2020, which make it the faster than other teen’s market. And more important, these teens are joined black teenagers as fashion and style leaders for the over all teens market. Hispanic teens are often different from their parents, who feel that they are under pressure to blend in and be an American, but their teens don’t. The trend for Hispanic is to be bicultural, this is by adding second culture, not replacing their first culture. To do so requires a balancing act, and how they divide between inside and outside the home. This is challenging given the importance of family. The balancing proses leading to biculturalism seems to be working as expert describes “ I’m always amazed by the Hispanic teens. They are speaking Spanish at home, both with friends, English for college and Internet, but they are very much into Hispanic culture even when they are born in US. It is not about being bilingual, it is about being bicultural. They are engrossed in the American culture, and also they are very proud of being Latino”. These bicultural teens read the same English language magazines and watch the same television programs as their non-Hispanic counterparts. One of the magazines targeted the female Hispanic teenagers, and produces most of the ads in Spanish. They also produced Spanish language magazines, television, and radio. They grew up listening to Hispanic rhythms in line with hip-hop and…...

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...TEEN PREGNANCY AMELIA MORA KAPLAN UNIVERSITY CM107 Teen Pregnancy I. Introduction a. The U.S. rates of teenage pregnancy are uncontrillably high. b. Teenage girls need to be aware of the dangers of adolescent pregnancy. II. Negative Effects of Teen Pregnancy. a. Health Effects b. Mental Effects c. Socially Effects d. Physically Effects e. Poverty III. Teenage Parents Lack Rediness of Responsibilities. a. Socially b. Economically c. Emotionally d. Financially IV. Preventing Teen Pregnancy. a. Abstinence b. Contraception V. Conclusion Teen pregnancy is linked to a number of issues. Becoming knowledgeable of the dangers may help in preventing pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem all around the world. Although the numbers have lowered, it is still an issue in our society, costing taxpayers millions of dollars (Issues & Controversies). According to the Alan Guttmacher institute, In 2008 the rate of teenage pregnancy was 67.8 for every 1,000 woman ages 15-19, down from 116.9, in 1990. Regardless of the decline, the U.S. rate is still much higher than that in any other country. Additionally, U.S. blacks and Hispanics have a much higher teen pregnany rates than whites.......

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...Hispanic Americans for centuries have a significant role of contribution to society in the United States bringing diversity to the customs and cultures of Americans. Hispanic Americans impacted areas such as politics, public service, scientific, cultural foods and entertainment. Most historians have no knowledge or will acknowledged these impacts Hispanic Americans made on United States history therefore has entrenched anti-Hispanic racism in America. Mexican Americans have the largest population title of Hispanic groups here in the United States and for more than four centuries they have been a major part of history. In the past 30 years the population of Hispanic Americans grew dramatically within the United States. Hispanic Americans include 11% of the U.S. population of which 3.6 million reside in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Dioceses 2012). Many may say that there is racism towards Hispanics but truth is Hispanic is actually not a race but an ethnic classification. Hispanics are individuals that have been in the United States for a long time dating back when settlers where taking over the land of native Indians. Hispanic Americans have different features of their heritage there are distinct differences of Hispanic cultures depending from the country of origin. There are unique immigration waves from each part of the countries of origin that Mexican Americans have the most unique pattern of them all. In the mid 1800s the result of the Mexican War in 1846 to 1848......

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