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Enter your career choice and income from the career generator tool found on page 5 of 5 in section

02.03 Tax Debate Worksheet

Career Name: _______________ Yearly Income: _______________

Student Name: ________________

Multiply your income by 15% to find your net income under the flat tax system.
Some Americans are supporting switching to a flat income tax rate of 15%. How much would you pay under this plan? (Your Income) X 15% (or .15) = _______________
Determine what the appropriate tax level is based on your ‘gross’ income and calculate by the appropriate percentage to find your ‘net’ income.
Calculator Tip: To multiply by a percentage, you can use your calculator in two ways. You can use the percent symbol key or you can enter the percentage as a decimal. To change a percentage to a decimal, move the decimal point two digit places to the left. Example: 20% becomes 0.20

Progressive Tax Plan
Mark “X” next to the

Proposed Progressive Plan

Calculate your tax. For example,
$10,000x10%=$1,000 in tax.

row that matches your yearly income.
10% on income up to $25,000
20% on income between $25,000 and $34,000
25% on income between $34,000 and $44,000
30% on income between $44,000 and $80,000
40% on taxable income over $80,000

Mark ‘Xs’ on the appropriate lines.

Determine what the appropriate tax level is based on your ‘gross’ income and calculate by the appropriate percentage to find your ‘net’ income.

Regressive Tax Plan
Mark “X” next to the row that matches your yearly income.

Proposed Regressive Plan

Calculate your tax. For example,
$10,000x40%=$4,000 in tax.

40% on income up to $25,000
30% on income between $25,000 and $34,000
25% on income between $34,000 and $44,000
20% on income between $44,000 and $80,000
10% on taxable income over $80,000

Mark ‘Xs’ on…...

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...“Historical Places” The Fort Santiago, National Museum, some part of Intramuros, the Rizal Park, and Paco Park are the five historical places here in Manila that we went to. It was a great chance and opportunity for me to see and visit them, since aside from Rizal Park, it was my first time to be in those places. The activity gave me a meaningful experience for I gained much information beyond those written on books. It was awesome and fun having a tour in our country’s historical spots increasing our appreciation to these beautiful scenery of the past even until now. Our first stop was in Intramuros. There, we took pictures and enjoyed a little walk above the mighty wall. We went on up to the wider part where some realistic cannons are displayed. Thereafter, we took some rest and went on to the National Museum. Before entering, we were reminded about some strict rules upon going inside the museum. I was comfortable inside for the place was cool and clean. I was amazed on the different artworks and paintings created by our Filipino painters, especially the “Spoliarium” by Juan Luna. It was so magnificent and large that I was inspired with the effort and time he spent to finish the painting. There were more or less a thousand of artworks displayed in the national museum and all are unique, some were unfinished because of a closed reason and some were too old but still can be appreciated because of the impact of art in the eyes. For me, it was......

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