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The great General Antonio Luna is not as perfect as what the books are saying. He is a deeply flawed man, he is abrasive, offensive, arrogant, and at one point points his gun at a helpless chicken vendor in order to drive a point. One such example of Luna’s legendary temper was when he tried to force Tomas Mascardo to go back from Arayat to join the forces in Calumpit. However, his arrogance is just a hot air, his uncompromising nature, and how his unflinching loyalty to his vision of what the Philippine Republic should be led to his downfall.

We are thought that before there are many Filipinos who sacrifice and shed their lives for us to enjoy the freedom we have today. The textbooks we have read thought us how pristine and glorious our nation is back then. It turns out it is all a lie that we are feed up with a perfectly written illusion. Yes there are Filipinos who love our motherland, but not enough to fight for it. There are those who die fighting for it, there are those who do business with the colonizer and make money out of the situation and also there are those who love their selves more than they love their country.

Filipinos back then is just the same as the Filipino today. We already have this ill back then and it still infect us today. What is that illness I am talking about? It is Crab mentality. We killed the only General we have (I am pertaining to General Antonio Luna). No book had told who killed out greatest general but I have an idea who killed him. Not just one but I think there are six suspects.

First suspect is none other than our first president Emilio Aguinaldo. As a leader of a country a must characteristics of a good leader is that he stand up on what he believes in, his ideas should not be influence by other in short “MAY PANININDIGAN”. Aguinaldo possess none of those characteristics. He has no spine, no dedication, no original…...

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