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History of operating systems
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History of computing
Hardware before 1960 Hardware 1960s to present Hardware in Soviet Bloc countries
Software Unix Free software and open-source software
Computer science
Artificial intelligence Compiler construction Computer science Operating systems Programming languages Software engineering
Modern concepts
Graphical user interface Internet Personal computers Laptops Video games World Wide Web
Timeline of computing
2400 BC–1949 1950–1979 1980–1989 1990–1999 2000–2009 2010–2019 more timelines ...
Category Category v t e
Computer operating systems (OSes) provide a set of functions needed and used by most application programs on a computer, and the linkages needed to control and synchronize computer hardware. On the first computers, with no operating system, every program needed the full hardware specification to run correctly and perform standard tasks, and its own drivers for peripheral devices like printers and punched paper card readers. The growing complexity of hardware and application programs eventually made operating systems a necessity.

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1 Background
2 Mainframes
2.1 Systems on IBM hardware
2.2 Other mainframe operating systems
3 Minicomputers and the rise of Unix
4 Microcomputers: 8-bit home computers and game consoles
4.1 Home computers
4.2 Rise of OS in video games and consoles
5 Personal computer era
6 Rise of virtualization
7 See also
8 Notes
9 References
10 Further reading
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