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Michelle Do
Visual Art – Graphic Design
Written Task (Tertiary)
Teacher – Richard Baldwin

Graphic Design Essay (T)

Graphic Design during the 20th century has been influenced by four artistic, some also being cultural and philosophical, movements called Futurism, Dada, Surrealism and Modernism. These movements have played a large role in shaping the graphic design industry by bringing different meanings into the art as well as inspiring many artworks today. Out of the four movements, Futurism and Surrealism really stood out to me, and the two designers who were influenced by these movements are Fortunato Depero and A.M. Cassandre. Fortunato Depero (1892 – 1960) was an Italian graphic designer and he was inspired by the Futurism movement. Futurism was an artistic and social movement originated in Italy and it emphasized speed, technology and objects such as cars, planes and the industrial city. Since Fortunato was young, he was introduced and taught to develop different art techniques. He discovered a futurist paper called “Lacerba” in 1913 and was greatly inspired by it, this led to his approach to futurism. His career began as a fine artist, then developed into commercial art and later on in life he became the most successful graphic designer. His works include costume designs for stage productions, different advertising illustrations and as well as artworks he created to promote futurism and himself. He was also known for his cover designs for magazines such as Vanity Fair, MovieMaker and The New Yorker. Out of all of his works, the one that I found was the most interesting was one of his covers for Vogue he designed in 1930.
The 1930 Vogue cover was a very good example of the Futurism movement. It was a simple artwork that spelt the word “VOGUE”, at the top and like a tower in the middle of the canvas along with what seems like two purple walls or…...

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