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A Golden Hollywood During the 1930’s and 1940’s, the establishment of the film industry in Hollywood not only immensely changed the city of Los Angeles, but the nation as a whole. Hollywood’s golden age and success can be credited to the great achievements in film, the studio production system, business strategies of the studios, and the changing nature of the economic situation of the country. The implementation of sound and color in film are considered to be the two highest achievements in art and science during this time. Prior to, silent, black and white films were considered the cutting edge technology of the time. However, these primitive techniques were soon overshadowed with the introduction of sound and color. “[The film industry] had no idea what technology would mean to them] they had stumbled into the use of sound almost by accident…They were reluctantly beginning to experiment with color… and tens of thousands of people were marveling at this novelty.” (Friedrich 15) The uses of sound and color in film led to the creation of new opportunities and genres including musicals, crime films, screwball comedies, among many others. These new genres with the continued development of sound and color, made film more appealing and generated a larger and thus more lucrative audience for film. It was the introduction of sound color in film was a success that instantly improved the popularity and the profits of these films. These new achievements were revolutionary in bringing the entertainment industry into a league of their own. The appeal and popularity of color and sound films to audiences reinvigorated the film industry. Actors, writers, directors, producers and studio bosses wanted to only make the newest and best movies, which suddenly required the use of sound and color. Silent films quickly became obsolete and humbled. The desire for…...

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