Homeopathy: an Alternative Means of Treatment

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Homeopathy: An alternative means of Treatment
Nicoline Lami Edie
Langston University

Introduction Homeopathy is an alternative medicine developed more than 200 years ago in Germany at the end of the 18th century by Dr Samuel Hahneman. This natural healing system is based on the theory “of like cures like” wherein an actual substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person can stimulate self-healing of similar symptoms in a sick person. Plants, minerals and animals are compounded into different forms such as ointment gels, drops, creams and tablets. The word homeopathy comes from the Greek word; “homeos”, which means similar and “pathos”, meaning disease (Wyatt, Sikorskii & You, 2013, p. 34). Our rationale for choosing this topic is our desire to broaden our knowledge on the intricacies of homeopathy. It is a concept that eludes us as nursing students. As people who collectively have as final goal to provide health care to the population in general, it will be of interest to know what other forms of complementary medicines our clients are using. In addition, people who use homeopathic medicine do so while still actively seeking the services of medical practitioners or cannot afford conventional medicine or better still because it is a practice that has been handed to them from generation to generation. According to Zimmerman (2012), 30% of nurse-midwives in North Carolina recommended Statistical data suggest that homeopathy is a well-known complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) that has been exploited not only by the mainstream culture by minorities in the US in particular (p. 21). Although licensure for practice as homeopathy varies from state to state in the USA, there are many schools in the U.S that train homeopathy practitioners and the certification are available through different organization. Such organizations…...

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...Homeopathy Homeopathy is an alternative medicine originated by the German Doctor Samuel Hahnemann. The word comes from the Greek word homoios which stands for ‘like’ and the word pathos which stand for ‘suffering’. In the eighteenth century Samuel Hahnemann discovered that what can makes a person sick, can also heals a person. A homeopathic remedy consist mineral, animal, synthetic and plant substances. Beside those substances it also contains a lot of water and alcohol, because they are highly diluted. After all the ingredients are put together, the ingredients are potentiated. Rather, they shake the ingredients against an elastic body. Hereby the drugs would become more powerful and it would activate the ‘vital energy’, because the operation of the raw material would pass in the solvent. Although there are people who gets better after a homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is still not a science, but a pseudoscience. The first reason why homeopathy is pseudoscience, is because there is not enough evidence to support that the treatment is effective. The treatments are unproved, and the homeopathic remedies are highly diluted. This means there is nothing in it. People compare homeopathic remedies with a placebo. A placebo is a medicine without effective ingredients and a placebo itself does not heal people. But because people think it will heal them, sometimes they really get better. And that is exactly how a homeopathic remedy also works. People think it will make them...

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