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Hopkins Guide To Advertising
Guidelines for Copywriting, Design, Ad Campaigns, Appeals, Effective Advertising Communication, Branding and Research.

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Hopkins Copy Writing Principles And Guidelines * Talk to people, to whom you are advertising for, in print as if you are talking to them in person. The copy should be in a conversational tone. Only then will the prospects recognize you as one of their own and accept your advertisement. * Never commit the advertising crime of judging people while writing any copy. Let ordinary people judge themselves. * An educated person serves as a handicap in the field of advertising communication and copy writing. Also use of any literary styles handicaps your advertisement. * Unique style of writing invariably makes the prospect, i.e. the readers suspect you and consequently not accept your advertisement. * Any apparent effort to sell, visible in the copy writing, creates customer resistance. * Relying on language or a good creative ability to express an idea in your copy leads to a failed advertising. * Use of strange words, phrases or things in the copy again leads to customer rejection and not acceptance. * Appearing to be flattering yourself in your copy is a sure failure because people recognize it immediately and reject it. * Never let a style of writing overpower the substance of the copy or the form suppress the content of you copy. * Any copy - writer who uses dignified phrases in the copy should be retired from advertising the first time he does it. * Your copy should always center itself on the desires of the prospects. Emphasize on what they need and want in your copy. * Use of phrases like “Buy my brand”; “Be sure to get original” are big no – no in advertising copy. * Platitudes and…...

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...Advertising is one of the key marketing communication strategies that can significantly reduce your overall marketing costs and increase sales -- if it's developed, placed, and scheduled properly. What does it take to make your advertising successful? Ask yourself these questions: What is it that stops me long enough to read an ad? What TV commercials do I watch and why? What direct mail do I open? And what are the common elements that they all possess? If you can't define those elements, start paying closer attention. They'll probably incorporate these 6 main elements: Make Advertising PayThe six main elements to effective advertising.1. A headline is the most essential element of an ad.
You've got a second or two to get the attention of a prospect. The message in, and treatment of, your headline will account for up to 70% of the readership of your advertisements. Yet, if you examine the advertising you see in yournewspapers and magazines, you'll find many ads that have no headline. All too often they start off with the advertiser's name or logo -- something the reader cares little about. The best advertising emphasizes the service, not the source.2. Headlines and body copy should appeal to the reader's self interest.
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...9-391-155 REV: AUGUST 13, 2001 JOSEPH L. BADARACCO, JR. Ann Hopkins (A) The general method of maintaining an informal executive organization is so to operate and to select and promote executives that a general condition of compatibility of personnel is maintained. Perhaps often and certainly occasionally men cannot be promoted or selected, or even must be relieved, because they cannot function, because they “do not fit,” where there is no question of formal competence. — Chester I. Barnard, The Functions of the Executive, 1938, 1964 Many of the best companies really do view themselves as an extended family. — Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, In Search of Excellence, 1982 Ann Hopkins was nominated for partnership at Price Waterhouse in August 1982. A senior manager in the firm’s Office of Government Services (OGS) in Washington, D.C., Hopkins specialized in large-scale, computer-based systems designed for government agencies. Her 1982 partnership class included 87 other candidates; Hopkins was the only woman in the group. Price Waterhouse offered partnerships to 47 of them, rejected 21, and placed 20, including Hopkins, on hold. Soon afterward, Hopkins met with the firm’s chairman to discuss the decision and the admissions committee’s recommendations. It had suggested that she be given more work with partners and undertake a quality control review in order to demonstrate her skills and allay concerns about her. In 1983, however, one of her original supporters......

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