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In this case, depend on the UK Law resources, COUNCIL REGULATION (EEC) No 2092/91 Article 5, EC General Product Safety Regulations 2004 and the Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community 129A has been breached.

More specifically, EEC No 2092/91 article 5 part 3 has provided that:
“(1) (b) may bear indications referring to organic production methods in the sales description of the product only where: at least 95 % of the ingredients of agricultural origin of the product are, or are derived from, products obtained in accordance with the rules laid down in Article 6 or imported from third countries under the arrangements laid down in Article 11.”(COUNCIL REGULATION (EEC) No 2092/91)
It is obviously that supply these fake beef has breached this clause (at least 95% is real). Thus supply chain companies constitute a fraud to the customers and also breached the clause sale products by description.

In additional, sale the fake beef food also breached EC General Product Safety Regulations 2004 defects and risk product is prohibited selling (EC General Product Safety Regulations 2004). Actually in these horse meats, some of them may include 4-Butyl-1. This kind of medicine usually uses on the horse but it will affect human’s health and lives. By the way, EU food safety standards traceability and other regulations also have been breached by any of the companies involved in the supply-chain in this case. Because each country in the EU has done a DNA test on these import beef. They find out some of them are horse meat and part of these horse meat may involve the negative influence of human health, for instance 4-Butyl-1. According the news from the EU, there are many of people ate the unsafely horse meat cause these people food poisoning, they feel dizziness and nausea.

Due to the EC General Product Safety Regulations 2004 and EU food safety standards…...

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