Hourly Rounds Reduces Patients

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Hourly Rounds Reduces Patients’ Frequent Call Lights and Improves Safety.

Christian Oyibe NURS 8103

Evidence Based Practice.

Governors State University Professor Somi Nagaraj, MSN, DNP. June 5, 2013.


The nurse call light is an important tool in which patients used to get the attention of nurses during hospitalization. It is one of the many means by which patients can exercise control of their health care. It is done to seek the nurses’ attention for help during inpatient hospitalization. The ideal situation is that when the patient pushes the call light, the nurse or the staff will be there to find out what assistance the patient needs. However, when these calls are made by patients, and there were delays in response time, this will in turn lead to frustration in most cases, and the patient will attempt activities that threatened their safety, thereby leading to falls and other safety issues. In most inpatient hospital or other health care facilities, call lights are made by residents or patients who need bathroom or bedpan assistance. The problem associated with call lights can be so frustrating that nurses spend most of the times attending to call lights as spill over from the previous shifts. These calls lights were from clients who are in pain, and need to take their pain medications. The others came from clients who want to make use of the bathrooms, or just want to be turned over. IV pumps and feeding pumps alarms sometimes could be…...

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