How a Teacher Can Influence Students

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An Elementary Teacher can influence his/her students’ academic performance by believing in them. Whether it’s the overachiever or the underachievers, students wants to feel cared and valued. There are many strategies to of expectations that can positively affect a student’s achievement in grade 3-5. We will look at 5 expectations that would positively influence student achievement; participating in class discussion, taking daily notes, communicating positively with each others in a group, partnering to complete cooperative assignments and completing work to earn passing scores. Having students participating in class discussion can help influence student achievement. The teacher can encourage & motivate students to share their thoughts &/or opinion. When a student knows what to expect and what is expected from them they are more engaged to learn. Students will also participate in classroom discussion when the material is related to their own lives. This can help improve a student’s grade because it encourages students to evaluate events, topics or results, others points of view and improve oral skills (Planning & Conducting Instruction 2009). Taking daily notes is another example that can help influence student achievement. Taking good notes can help improve a student’s learning by helping them remember the information. This can help improve a student’s grade because the students will be able to review for quizzes and test. Also, taking good notes can help improve a student’s handwriting. Communicating positively with each others in a group can help influence student achievement. Group skills are an important part of social skills (Managing Cooperative learning groups 2009). The students learn how to engage and talk to each other. Students can learn how to be group leaders & how to solve problems.

Partnering to complete cooperative assignments can help influence…...

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