How Effective Are Backbench Mp's?

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How effective are backbench MP’s?
How effective are backbench MP’s?
Backbench MP’s are members of Parliament that are not in either the cabinet or the shadow cabinet. Backbench MP’s may be seen to be effective in some ways in the British Political system because they can do things such as scrutinise the government and hold them into account through numerous ways. Their role in Parliament in Westminster ensures that there may be democratic legitimacy of UK government and gives them a right and authority to exercise political power and may possibly increase the representation, overall, through Parliament. However, there is a growing fear that there is now ‘executive dictatorship’ in the UK and because of this, backbench MP’s have little power in calling the government into account due to the party system, which ensures that MP’s are dictated by the whips system, reducing the effectiveness that MP’s can then call people into account. Therefore, there are both reasons for and against that would suggest MP’s are or are not effective as seen.
Firstly, backbench MP’s are key in calling the government of today to account, making them answerable for their actions and policies. This is achieved through questions to the Prime Minister and questions to other ministers as well as other forms of scrutiny such as debates and all of these methods are effective because they raise public awareness for issues and may possibly increase the media pressure on the government, causing them to act. Through Prime Ministers Questions, for example, which takes place weakly for half an hour, backbench MP’s from both the governing party and the opposition are able to scrutinise the weekly actions of the government. Backbench MP’s also use this system to increase the representation function of Parliament through raising specific issues of their constituents from each of the many constituencies…...

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