How Much Children's Environment Affects Them

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Everyone is raised differently. Some people are born in a wealthy house, and some are born into poverty. Many children are cared for and have a loving family, some are faced with a family that doesn’t love them and they’re not cared for. Through all of these factors it can truly change the mind of a child and completely change their future. The way a child is affected by these factors can determine the way they will think through life and change completely where they could end up in life.
The strongest ways a child is affected can easily be their parents, through different parental monitoring, psychological control, and several negative aspects such as rejection. These few things account for nearly 11% of variance in delinquency in children (PMC), very few aspects show for quite a large amount of the problem in child delinquency. It also shown that parents affect children in different ways, the way the children are treated by a parent will affect the way that child views people of the same gender. For example, if a “If the mother was emotionally distant, unavailable or failed to display affection for the child then he might grow up feeling unloved even if other people loved him”(KnowMyself).
The income that a family makes can affect a child and make them more likely to make more or less in their future themselves. According to Professor Mayer compared to more affluent families, children in poverty, score lower on cognitive tests, have more behavioral problems at school, more likely to drop out of school, more likely to have children at a young age, and are more likely to be in poverty themselves as adults (IRP Mayer). All of this seems unlikely and doesn’t seem as if that income would affect a child too much in life, but sadly it does. This shows greatly that even the smaller factors such as income can greatly affect a child as they are being raised,…...

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