How Plagiarism Can Affect Your Life

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How plagiarism can affect your life

This paper is about how plagiarism can affect your whole life. However, before we can determine the effects, we need to know exactly what plagiarism really means. According to the Oxford dictionaries, plagiarism is “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”. Some people think that plagiarism is illegal, but only copyright infringement is illegal. The difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism is as follows. The copying of work that is not your own from someone who owes all the right of that work, whether this is a book, film, music piece or an idea is copyright infringement. Plagiarism is the more general term for copying without recognition to the source of the information. Though plagiarism is not always forbidden by law, there could be taken actions against plagiarism by companies or universities.

Now we have an idea what plagiarism is, I will try to explain what the dangers of plagiarism can be. In general, the higher you are in education or management the more sanctions there are. For example, when a school kid at the age of 12 copies Wikipedia for his small paper, less consequences would there be than when a professor at a big university copies a colleague’s work. Though throughout the whole history of mostly art and literature many people based their work on other’s or even copied it, nowadays there are more strict consequences bound to copying and plagiarism. Students can even get expelled from the university for plagiarism in bachelor theses and employees may get fired. In some areas, like journalism, the effects of plagiarism can be destructing for your whole career. A good example is Jayson Blair, the rising star in the world of press in 2003. He started making up stories and copying other people’s work since he was an editor at a student newspaper.…...

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