How to Do Business in China

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How To Do Business In China
Now that business is becoming global, it combined the whole economic, no matter you will accept or not, any countries, corporations and individuals can not stop this trend, what we can do is change ourselves to suit the globalization. As a multinational company, develop different markets have its necessity, and market development can be helpful for the development of the company.
In this report ,as the people working in this company, will analyze the differences between home country market and target country market, and help to choose the suitable market when company have willing to investing in a foreign country, the decision of the country which the company can invest in is China. In this report, will make analysis for Chinese market in economic environment, culture, marketing and human resource management, to prove its accessibility, and what risks the company will meet, then give some recommendations to escape or solve the problems.

For the decision of target market, will based on its profitability and expansibility, China is a country that has the number of population as 1.3 billion, which means it has great predominance in consumption, now Chinese people’s consumption in household goods and home furnishings less 100 Yuan per capita, below the standard of world average as 200 dollars. But with the development of Chinese economic, there are 20 million people will enter the middle class per year, and with the increasing of people’s income, the amplification of building area and the increasing of consumptive level, the requirement of household goods and home furnishings entering the new phase, and the potential of requirement becoming greatness.
Moreover, now Chinese furniture market has not perfect criterion, many outdated and lower quality productions still circulate in market. The UK furniture industry now trends to mature,…...

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