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The GED Language Arts, Reading Test

Passing the GED Language Arts, Reading Test

Jean Dean ABE/GED Teacher Mentor Teacher California Distance Learning Project 1

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Passing the GED Reading Test
In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King, Jr.

TEST OVERVIEW:  Time: 65 minutes  The test consists of fiction and nonfiction readings. • Fiction excerpts include readings from novels, short stories, folk tales, poetry, and plays. • Nonfiction excerpts include readings from reviews, essays, articles, speeches, biographies, business documents, and articles about the visual arts.  The test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. • 30 of the questions come from fiction readings. • 10 of the questions come from nonfiction readings.  There are seven passages. • Three of the passages are from prose fiction (novels, short stories, and folk tales). • Poetry and plays have one passage each. • Nonfiction has two passages.  There are three literary time periods. One passage comes from each of these periods: • Before 1920 • 1920-1960 • After 1960  The following reading skills are tested: • Comprehension—identifying the main idea, the purpose of a selection, supporting details, and using context clues to discover the meaning of unknown words 2

• • •

Application—applying ideas to a new context Analysis—recognizing the way material is organized, including identifying inferences, figurative language, and knowing an author’s style or tone Synthesis—combining understanding of passage with extra information you bring to the passage, looking at an author’s style, tone, point of view, and purpose

 The number of questions you answer in each reading skill area is as follows: • Comprehension 8 questions • Application 6 questions…...

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...To Eat Or Not To Eat Carl Nichols Psy/240 May 20, 2012 Hello, my name is Carl Nichols and I will be your eating disorder counselor. My main purpose and goal today is your well-being, and see that you better understand your issues and problems you are struggling with on a daily basis of your life. Life is so precious and I hate to see so many others dealing with obesity and anorexia. I want you to understand that there are physiological factors that make us want to eat and factors that make us not eat. Today we will be discussing those factors; I really want you to understand why this is so important to your physical and mental health. There are perceptions about hunger and satiety that I want to introduce and talk about some of the fictitious stories. So overall, I have a lot to cover and things I want to get you to understand about you conditions. The ultimate goal today is to help you better your physical and mental health and to find the root cause of your condition and figure out ways to restore your overall health. When we begin our session, the first task to do is present status and information about the hunger and satiety that you need to know about your present condition. You would need to understand about your blood glucose that you may have heard from others believed to be true. Facts state that a lot of people think that when you see a your blood glucose level drop, myths and most people think that it makes you hungry, but that isn’t accurate. There has been......

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