How to Make Creativity Contagious (Abstract)

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Stefan Stern. Management Today. London: Mar 2004. pg. 52, 4 pgs

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Companies may identify fresh thinking as a core value, but this doesn't square with a corporate strategy in which minimising risk is seen as a virtue. How can an organisation adapt its culture to embrace innovation? If only the good Lord could look down as kindly on the creative efforts of us mere mortals. But that is the trouble with creativity and the Creationist mythology that underpins it: we are constantly waiting for the next miracle. In business, you will wait a long time for miracles. Coming up with new and successful ideas requires effective management and hard work -perspiration as much as inspiration. What are the real challenges that businesses and organisations face if they are ever going to unleash the creative genius lurking within their walls? 'Every company I meet has identified innovation and creativity as core values,' says David Walker of international creativity consultancy Synectics, 'but around 90% of them do nothing about it. Their behaviour just doesn't allow creativity to emerge.' The problem here is fundamental. The processes that businesses have traditionally wanted to hone and develop on the path to operational excellence run counter to creativity itself. » Jump to indexing (document details)
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Companies may identify fresh thinking as a core value, but this doesn't square with a corporate strategy in which minimising risk is seen as a virtue. How can an organisation adapt its culture to embrace innovation? STEFAN STERN reports

Somewhere in the machine code that made possible the great gift to humanity that is Microsoft PowerPoint, there must be a line that generates a ready-made presentation on creativity and…...

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