How to Look Good Naked ?

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Aside from having a good-looking appearance while you have your clothes on
Just imagine one day your dudes suggest going to the pool or the beach and denial is impossible
And then, what’s going to be shown up next ???
Your pubs, that saggy booties, big round belly and especially man boobs
So please tell me How do you feel at that moment ??
Embarrassing right ?

So that one indispensable factor to be an alpha is to be looking good naked
Well, I’m not talking about the man you all see on the magazines or newspaper ( Who’s got about 2% body fat and the abs are like Oh Jesus Christ ) because it’s nearly unachievable

My point is not comparing you to other people, but to be in the best version of yourself you can possibly be when you are naked
So now here comes 4 tips for you to be in the greatest shape like you’ve never been before
(Slide 4 tips )
Tip 1: Get rid of your pubes
For most people, having a blooming massive bushes might not be the good look
Well I’m not talking about all men in this Universe but most people
So my recommendation is to trim your pubes
(slide on) just look at the picture and you can see the differences

The man with chest hair, shoulder hair looks much creepier than the man with no pubes even though they are both big, strong and muscular
So please gentlemen, shave it, you have a trimmer use it, you have the razor, use it
And when you have a glance on the mirror again, you won’t be able to recognize yourself !
Tip 2: Having a well-defined body
Fortunately, every men can have a body of Captain America but the bad news is the majority of us are in the dark and the dream to have the Captain’s 6 pack abs seems ridiculous

And not just that, loads of people are usually mistaken that the only way to build muscle is having a gym membership
Well that’s totally false, people often make an excuse when they don’t have…...

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