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Who Are They?
Nutella Cereal will target children from the ages of 8 to 11 years as users of the cereal by attracting their parents. Although the Nutella cereal is for children, it will be important to focus on their parents as they ultimately make the final purchasing decision. Geographically, the target market will be living in urban areas where they will be exposed to the marketing campaigns and ads in public transit, on billboards and magazines, as well as in store. In terms of price, the Nutella Cereal will cost around the average price of a box of cereal. (Did we figure out an exact price?) Although they will not be price competitive, Nutella Cereal will have an average price which will attract regular cereal buyers. Regular cereal buyers will be able to switch to Nutella Cereal without taking price into much account since the price will be similar to other boxes of cereal. These buyers will be able to decide on purchasing the cereal using other factors such as the taste and quality of the cereal to decide. What Do They Want and Why?
The parents in this market segment look for specific factors while making their decision to buy their children ready-to-eat breakfast cereal. Market research shows that Canadian consumers seek convenience, health and wellness, pleasure and value from their food choices. The Nutella Cereal provides convenience for parents since it can easily be made by children for breakfast. Furthermore, the Nutella Cereal strives to provide children with enough energy for the day. This adds value for parents. At the same time, with an average selling price, consumers will be further satisfied. The design of the cereal box will attract children, who will then convince their parents that not only does the box look good, but they will be quite sure that the cereal is good too. A study has found that children believe cereal taste good when it…...

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