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Human Resource Management
Short Essay Questions
(Answer FOURTY of the following questions)
DEADLINE for submission is Friday, March 22nd 2013 Midnight

1) Please compare and contrast between the concepts of “core employees” and “contingent employees”. Please provide one example for each concept that highlights your understanding. * Core employees are workers who hold full time jobs in organizations. These employees usually provide some essential job tasks that require commitment in the organizations (as in governmental organizations) * Contingent workers include individuals who are typically hired for shorter periods of time. They perform specific tasks that often require special job skills and are employed when an organization is experiencing significant deviations in its workflow (as in non-profitable organizations).

2) Please explain the role of the HR department during downsizing activities. Please provide an example that highlights your understanding. * HRM must ensure that proper communications occur during downsizing. * HRM must minimize the negative effects of rumors and ensure that individuals are kept informed with factual data. * HRM must prepare individuals for the change. This requires clear and extensive communications of why the change will occur, what is to be expected, and the effects it will have on employees. * Example: During our removing to our new place, where we will replace office boys by machines, HRM ensured that proper communication occurred during this downsizing, - but it was not clear enough. Because some office boys asked if they will stay with us in new place, and HRM confirmed their existence. Office boys understood that all of them will stay, but frankly three of them are fired last week.

3) Please…...

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...tive analysis of sales and market  share, and the hierarchy of the centre and periphery model is evolving into a different paradigm.  Human Resources specialists are more important in business strategies today for this very change in market dynamics –  more so in the present economic situation of a global recession and downturn across industries and sectors. The focus  has turned on HR Department at every organization – the survival lines are running drier with every passing week at the  trading markets the world over, and the aim is not only to see through the recession, but more importantly4, to ensure  employees  are  still  committed  to  the  organization.  HR  development  acts  as  the  mentor5  to  its  employees  –  guiding,  training and educating them in the way of the industry and the organization. Well trained and competent employees,  who  are  able  to  showcase  themselves  and  their  organization  to  the  customers  in  a  more  effective  manner,  help  in  increasing customer satisfaction and overall clientele, by adding credibility and reputation to the business. Effective HR  planning  and  development  practices6  bring  quality  and  loyal  workers  who  are  committed  and  passionate  about  the  success of their organization.  Google Inc., the 9 year old technology service provider based in Mountain View, California, was voted7 the number one ......

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