Hr Functions of Forbes Regional Hospital

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HR Functions of Forbes Regional Hospital

JoAnn Westerberg


January 31, 2013

Sherrie H. Lu, PhD

HR Functions of Forbes Regional Hospital

Since 1978, Forbes Regional Hospital has been the leading care provider in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, offering comprehensive care so patients can receive their treatment in one place rather than being transported to a downtown hospital. Forbes Regional Hospital is a 350 bed facility which annually, has 50,000 emergency room visits, 12,000 surgeries, and 15,000 patient admissions. Forbes Regional Hospital offers the latest medical innovations and procedures so the patients can receive the best care in their own community.
Based on the data collected, some of the possible challenges Forbes Regional Hospital can face are harassment, increase in pay, and labor unions. There is a credibility gap between Human Resources, Executive Management, and the other organizational departments. There are people in HR with a variety of background education and skill sets that are not necessarily specialized towards the field they currently hold. Individuals come into HR management with their past experiences as a psychologist or clerical supervisor to name a few. The previous experience they bring to the table normally sets the tone for their current outlook in HR.
As a result of the changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons with disabilities can expect to work in safe surroundings without being discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, race, religion national origin, or personal preference.
Specialists in compensation monitor an organization’s wage structure to ensure that pay equity exists throughout an organization. They recommend changes in the wage structure that are consistent with pay changes in the local community, industry, and individual occupations as necessary (Fallon &…...

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