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Human Resource Plan
Dewayne Marable
OMM 618 Human Resource Management
Dr. Cheryl Moore
February 2, 2016

Human Resource Plan Human resource planning is an important role in the organizations process to achieve goals. People are the most important resource in any business. The financial, technological and physical resources depend on human capita being used strategically and effectively. This report will focus on the recruitment and retention strategy and a layout of the resource planning process of 1st Ring Mobile. In a world full of busy complicated lives 1st Ring Mobile, headquarted in Birmingham, AL, believes that wireless communications may be the answer. 1st Ring is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging and data services with the capabilities to reach many Americans where the live and when they are abroad. Currently we have several retail and call center locations throughout the United States. Our call centers house a financial department to assist customers with payments, a technical support department, activations for new accounts, and general care department. Our diverse group of employees is people who believe in the power of communication and believe that excellent customer service is the second best service we offer. 1st Ring helps employees pursue personal and professional goals by standing behind our employees 100%. 1st Ring will host a job fair to fill 200 positions for a new call center in Georgia.
Recruitment and Selection
Ensuring the selection of the right employees is one of the most crucial HRM processes and one of the most challenging decision-making processes in an organization (Youssef-Morgan & Stark, 2014). The ultimate goal is to generate as large a pool as possible of applicants having the requisite knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics associated with the focal job (Youssef-Morgan &…...

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