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Challenges of Human Resource Management in Borderless world


Parag A. Narkhede Lecturer

Dr. Seema P. Joshi Reader & Head

Department of Management Studies North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (MS) India Office: P.O. Box No. 80, Umavinagar, Jalgaon 425001 Tel: 0257-2258415 (Direct), 0257-2258428 to 38 ext- 461,462 Fax: 0257-2239345, 2258403 Mobile: 09422778876, 9890002496 E-mail -,

Challenges of Human Resource Management in Borderless world

Abstract The responsibilities of HR manager have gradually become broader and more strategic since the organisation realised the importance of HR. The Globalisation put together the world as a Global village. The concept of global village resulted in exchange of cultures across the globe as a single country, producing the components in one country, assembling the products in second country, market the product in the third country, the banks in the fourth country to finance the operations, insurance companies in the fifth country to provide insurance facilities, all the countries provide human resources and so on so forth. Thus, the global businesses employ the people from various countries and manage the people of multi-cultures and multi-skills.

Issues coming on the radar of an HR Manager today are diverse; from micro level issues where an individual employee needs hand holding to the macro issues pertaining to a global workforce and virtual teams. HR managers are expected to offer instant solutions for these issues and strategies.

As companies move around the world setting up offices, service delivery centres and manufacturing hubs, there will be an even greater movement of people and that is the big challenge while moving forward. Managing diverse workforce is another important problem that HR managers need to tackle. For which cross cultural training…...

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