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Research Project IV
Nicole L. King
Baker College
HRM315: Evaluating Human Resources
Tae Dawson
June 13, 2012
This purpose of this research project was to find out how well BWI HR is meeting the needs of its employees. Fifty surveys were collected and reviewed. One each survey were eight HR services. The HR services are Performance Appraisal, Wage & Salary Administration, Incentive Pay Program, Internal Job Posting, Healthcare Insurance, Technical Training, Career Counseling/Development and Flexible Work Schedule. Each of the HR services had a rating scale to see how important and satisfied the Target employees would rate them. There were three HR services that showed the largest gap between importance and satisfaction. The incentive pay program, performance appraisal system and career counseling and development all showed large negative gaps. The incentive pay program should be changed from an individual-based program to a team/group-based program. The performance appraisal system should evolve into a “social network” type of performance management system. This type of social performance management system will bring many advantages, including empowerment. Finally, the career counseling/development programs should see a small expansion and reviews of the eligible degrees, adding certificates, increasing the tuition reimbursement amount and adding mentoring programs. These improvements should be implemented to improve the HR services, our people and our overall company performance.

Introduction The HR department is proud to provide a wide array of services to our excellent people that make this company great. As the needs of our customers change, so too do our people. Our HR services are only as good as they are effective. How do we know the HR services we provide are meeting the needs of our people and the company overall?…...

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