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What are five challenges facing HRM?
According to Jeffrey A. Mello Strategic Human Resource Management, 2e, (Cengage Learning), Technological advancement, increasing attention to ethical behavior, Demographics and Diversity, Globalization and Employee relationship are the five challenges facing HRM today.
What makes these challenges important?
In technology advancement businesses need to keep up the latest and trendiest machinery to stay afloat and competitive, all organizations, be they manufacturing or service, public or private, large or small, with constant advances and work process organizations are under pressure to compete. However, the financial considerations of whether to adopt a new technology must be balanced with a number of strategic issues and, more specifically, a number of specific strategic HR issues. Implementing new machinery to an organization means investing in trainings for the employees, which if the organization does not meet the funds for this, it would be as good as not having the newest machinery to stay afloat (Jeffrey A. Mello, Cengage Learning, p. 47).
Increasing attention to ethical behavior is the core value of any corporation, how an executive treats its employees and what core values are being implemented in that corporation, defines the mission and vision of that business. In today in age more individuals are doing more research about that particular organizations background, because when one is being hired this practices of unethical behavior are not displayed, but some have resigned from organizations at least once because employers have perceived unethical business practices (Jeffrey A. Mello, Cengage Learning, p. 51).
Global HRM is an important strategic asset to a corporation because with great planning and strategic measurements a corporation can grow and become more powerful abroad. A key…...

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