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Capstone Checkpoint
Capstone Checkpoint I feel learning about world religions has given a better understanding to the meaning of different religions in certain cultures. I believe learning about different religions has provided in depth knowledge of the traditions and beliefs in world religions. Before this course, I did not have the understanding and knowledge of religions I now have. I feel I learned a tremendous amount in this course. I find religion to be a very interesting topic and enjoy learning about the similarities and differences. Additionally, the text was very instrumental in explaining the traditions, beliefs, and the history behind them. I feel this course has opened up my mind to many possibilities in regard to religion. I have sometimes questioned some of the beliefs in my own religion, Roman Catholicism. I will now and always remain true to the traditions and beliefs of Catholicism, but I found certain traditions and beliefs in other faiths interesting and some I may adopt in my own life to become a better person. Learning others beliefs and attitudes is important to provide an understanding of another’s way of thinking. Having knowledge of other religions eliminates judgment of others. Instead of immediately judging someone because of his or her beliefs, an understanding will help to treat one another with respect and to respect other’s beliefs. Many people hate other cultures, religions, and declare his or her religion to be the right way. I believe this stems from a misunderstanding of religions and cultures. I believe a better understanding and acceptance of world religions can eliminate any hate one may have for a culture. The world and the United States in particular are getting more diverse in regard to religion. Many of us will be contact with someone of another faith and learning…...

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