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Strategic Human Resource Management


1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. Literature Review 4. Critical Analysis 5. Finding and Recommendation 6. Conclusion 7. Bibliography 8. Appendixes

Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective Human resource practices of Make My Trip Pvt. Ltd. In the case of this paper, the data has been collected through Qualitative analysis, which involved interviews with Head HR, Rohit Hasteer; Deputy Manager, Ravi Mishra, and Senior Travel Coordinator, Siddarth Shankar Deb. The paper also employs unobtrusive methods which include Content analysis of company website and life histories. In order to effectively analyse the Human resource strategies an obtrusive and unobtrusive research method has been adopted.

Results of data analyzed show that the Human resource practice adopted is effective however they do have minor floss. In particular, Orientation program, Performance appraisal, Benefit plan and Job Evaluation method is poor in the areas HR management.

The report finds the prospects of the company in its current position are positive but the few areas of weakness require upgradation of practice and remedial action by management.

Recommendation discussion includes introduction of new practices and new changes like: • After Recruitment and selection process there should be an Orientation program about the organization and rules and regulation because it portraits the organization aptly. • An addition of a performance appraisal form which includes all the forms of appraisal like 360 degree appraisal method. • New benefit plans should be added to motivate employees to be loyal to the organization.

The report also…...

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