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Recently in a meeting between various senior management staff, a complaint was lodge to the HR manager that ‘these management graduates (we have Working) only know book sense and no common sense’.
As thought you have decided to share with your fellow managers how you the human resource manager use theory in planning and designing various learning events as an example to the graduates.
Prepare a response as a Human Resource Manager.

Managers expect their employees to work with others and be willing to obey, but at the same time expect to see evidence of personality, creativity and independence. Selecting staff who will conform to organisational goals is a key to an Organisation’s health and effectiveness in addition, to the training and development of these employees in order to help them meet the requirements of their current and potential future jobs. Whatever people’s abilities and intelligence, their performance can be improved by extra knowledge, practice and experience – in other words, by learning.
Learning is a process in which experiences brings about permanent or modified changes in behaviour or attitudes. There are three basic theories of how learning works. These tend to act as a framework for managers to help in the identification and analysis of problems. The early classic studies, behaviourist movement in psychology has looked to the use of experimental procedures to study behaviour in relation to the environment. The result was the generation of the stimulus-response model. In this the environment is seen as providing stimuli to which individuals develop responses.
Researchers like Edward L. Thorndike build upon these foundations and, in particular, developed a S-R (stimulus-response) theory of learning. He noted that that responses (or behaviours) were strengthened or weakened by the consequences of behaviour. Thorndike’s work drew…...

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