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Site Visit Report
Ashley L Butler
BSHS 312
May 20, 2012

Site Visit Report
The site this writer has chosen is a private non-profit corporation that was made for the people of the Waianae coast, to meet the community’s needs. “Hale Na’au Pono is a Hawaiian name that means the house for inner balance” this program provides culturally and socially sensitive, community-based, behavioral health service for children and adults. This writer had a chance to work for the company while exploring things that she was not aware of as far as cognitive behavioral techniques or programs used. In this writers walk through we will explored the purpose of the program and the population that participates in this program. Also this writer will explore how the effectiveness of their program is measured and how they determine the need for program. Included will be plans for other programs or interventions that use behavioral or cognitive models and techniques. If there is any additional models or theories are used in their program that will be addressed also. The writer will include brief reactions and feelings about the program.
Hale Na’au Pono is a program that was intended for the people of the Waianae coast. There is no specific population that is targeted but there are people that come from other places to receive help. Hale Na’au Pono has individuals that come from all over the island, for adults they usually come from an office located on the north shore. As far as children they come from the Big Island (Hawaii). Some children even come from the state itself. There is no limit or barrier to any individual seeking help from this program, any individual seeking help can simply go to the main office and seek help advice or even counseling.
When it comes to presenting the program or intervention, the individual will go through an intake assessment process with…...

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