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The Impact Erectile Dysfunction has on Women’s Sexual Life:
Marie Chevret, Eric Jaudinot, Kate Sullivan, Alexia Marrel, and Anne S. De Gendre
Lyon, France

Women frequently encounter sexual partners who are suffering with erectile dysfunction. This is a sexual dysfunction suffered by men that is characterized by the inability to develop an erection while engaging in sexual activities. Impact of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) on Sexual Life of Female Partners: Assessment with the
Index of Sexual Life (ISL) Questionnaire, is a research article done by (*WHO? LIST THE RESEARCHERS) researchers at Lyon (*LYON WHAT? Lyon University? Lyon Research Center?) in France who set out to measure the impact erectile dysfunction has on women’s sexual satisfaction. According to Chevret et al. (2004), “It has been estimated that 1 in 10 men worldwide have ED and that it is the most common chronic medical disorder in men older than 40 years. ED has been shown to negatively impact self-esteem, quality of life, and satisfaction, and to increase depression and mental disease” (p. 157). Not only does this ailment affect men, but it also plays a beneficial role in how their sexual partners feel. Chevret et al. hypothesizes that erectile dysfunction has a negative impact on female sexual satisfaction and feminine sexual drives. The hypothesis was created because men who cannot get an erection will not be able to participate in sexual intercourse; therefore, also unable be satisfy their woman. This study is important because only a very small amount of research has been done that focuses on the affects erectile dysfunction has on women. Other research relating to the topic of ER directly focuses on the male’s perspective since this disorder is targeted to the interest and inquiries of men. Found within the results of the article lies a conducted questionnaire through the Index of…...

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