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Roles and Functions
Shayla Graham
August 25, 2012
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Roles and Functions
A healthcare setting is a place that provides many services to individuals and focuses on a persons needs. In addition healthcare settings require various levels of management to accomplish many of the everyday tasks that may arrive. While there are many functions throughout a health care setting when it comes to management but only four are considered to be major amongst them. When in management organizing, planning, controlling and leading are the most important roles of management. A manager is responsible for putting together various tasks and projects for employees. While working as a manager one is required to plan in which can involve setting goals for other employees to strive to achieve. Controlling and leading is what most management is known for. Controlling allows for management to monitor employees work progress according to the goals and objectives that have been set. Some may know this as being evaluated in the workplace. Another role in management is leading by setting good examples and also complimenting staff in the work place on their good work. This also can involve encouraging other to try harder for achieve bigger tasks.
A healthcare manager and leader most important role in a diversified healthcare industry is valuing diversity in the workplace. This role can be difficult because of ones religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and age or gender. The most significant aspect related to healthcare management that I would like to gain from taking this class is time management. I am not good at time management I wait until the last minute to try and get so much stuff done at once. While time management is hard for me so is planning I think that if I plan what I need to do in timely manner than rushing to complete tasks will not be so difficult for…...

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