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March 6, 2016

Jealousy also termed as enviousness or resentment. It is a word that refers to an emotional feeling in which an individual has fear, insecurity or concerned that they have lost something valuable or has a deeper connection to them. Mostly, characterization of jealousy includes resenting, jaundiced eye or feelings full of rage and humiliation. This paper looks on jealousy as a main theme in different sectors, which are, the Bible, a film written by William Shakespeare, and a visual art drawn by Edward Munch. The paper aims to explore different areas in which the characters portray jealousy, the reasons behind this feeling and what impact the feeling has brought to the characters directly involved. Narrowing down Cain and able in the book of Genesis, the soldiers in the Othello film and the two men in the green room, this essay will explain how the different characters of different times and different settings relate to each and how jealousy makes their stories correlate with one another. It will finally analyze what impact or effectiveness jealousy has on them.
To begin with, Cain and Abel were the sons of the first human beings on earth and related to each other as brothers. Cain being the first-born engaged and interested himself in farming and working on the soil while his brother Abel worked as a shepherd who kept flocks of sheep. During the time of the offering, Cain offered the fruits of his harvested crops to God while Abel offered a sacrifice of the fat portions of his flock. In their offering, God favored Abel’s offering more than Cain’s offers, and hence, he became angry and was jealous of his brother. Cain’s jealousy increased immensely after God asked of his anger and told him to do right. At this point, Cain called Abel out to the field as an excuse and killed him.
The Othello play begins…...

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