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DATE: 12/5/2012
DIAGNOSIS: Depression
PROBLEM: Client is having financial issues. She has 3 children and her oldest daughter is giving her problems by not going to school and missing her curfew. Nancy’s husband is in the military and is unaware of these issues. Nancy is having a hard time coping and being able to handle the issues.
GOAL 1 Nancy will go see a Psychiatrist Objective 1: To contact the doctor that I have referred Nancy to. Objective 2: Nancy will express her feelings to her doctor. Objective 3: Take all prescribed medication to help with depression and other mental illnesses
GOAL 2: Nancy will go down to the Department of Social Services for help with heating bill Objective 1: Fill out all necessary paperwork to see if eligible for HEAP Objective 2: Provide all necessary documentation that is requested by Department of Social Services. Objective 3: Call the Department of Social Services one time per week to check on status of application.
GOAL 3 Nancy will make some quality time for herself. Objective 1: Nancy will go to the YMCA to enroll and become a member as well as her children. Objective 2: Nancy will go to the YMCA at least 2 times a week to exercise. Objective 3: Nancy will go shopping, to a spa or do something she enjoys without her children.
GOAL 4 Nancy will work on her relationship her oldest daughter. Objective 1: Nancy and her daughter will attend counseling. Objective 2: Nancy will contact the Boys and Girls Club about getting a mentor for her daughter. Objective 3: Nancy will work with her daughter’s school to ensure that her daughter is attending school.
GOAL 5 Nancy will find stable employment. Objective 1: Nancy will go to Rochester Works and get registered with them.…...

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...been selected as the main determinants of the success of any business. They include the place where the business is located, the product(s) itself, the price of the product and the manner in which the company promotes its products. A combination of the 4 P’s and a PEST analysis are likely to improve or produce excellent results. Introduction Applying marketing principles are the building blocks in business growth and provide a business with in-depth exposure to practical examples and application of managerial decisions. Remember that the business has a mandate to control the needs of resources against the marketplace opportunities and therefore effective management of marketing will be of the essence in designing marketing strategies (Doyle,pp.5). In marketing, it is always important to be the market leader. This will link the brand with a prospective customer to the product. For example, when a person feels like buying a soft drink, they may well think first about Coca-Cola and not their competitor Pepsi. To be a leader in market share demands that the company should be focused to creating a lasting relationship with customers and prospective customers. In other words, they should strive to make their customers loyal to them (Daye). Whatever happens, gaining competitive advantage is the ultimate goal to success. This report covers the different marketing principles that a business can utilize in order to make it a market leader and thus more profitable. It should be kept......

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