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Mas Bambang Baroto, 2Muhammad Madi Bin Abdullah International Business School (IBS), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia International Campus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia E-mail: 1mbbaroto@ic.utm.my (Corresponding Author), 2muhdmadi@ic.utm.my

ABSTRACT Both strategic management researchers and practitioners have realized the importance of the cost, differentiation and combination strategies for effective organizational performance and excellence. Recently, many large business companies in different part of the world have been applying both strategies (hybrid strategy) at the same time, rather than applying a single strategy at one period of time. The implementations of those three strategies are commonly used by the big giant companies where their business operations level is ranging from domestic, regional, international and global. Thus, the principal aim of this paper is to explore the application of these three strategies (cost strategy, differentiation strategy, and hybrid strategy) in various business companies. Keywords: Cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, single strategy, hybrid strategy

INTRODUCTION In the competitive market, certain industries are having very heavy competitive rivalry among the company players. The coverage of the industries could be domestic, international, or global of which are depending upon products or services to be provided. In this paper, we use cost leadership and differentiation strategies, because they are the commonly used strategic management dimensions in the literature (Dess & Davis, 1984; Nayyar, 1993). However, for a firm to earn superior profits and outperform its…...

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...energy can be used for the entire spectrum of end-uses as given in Fig. 3. * Corresponding author. Tel.: þ91 22 25767883; fax: þ91 22 2572 6875, 2572 3480. E-mail address: rangan@iitb.ac.in (R. Banerjee). 1 1 US$ ¼ 45.3 Indian Rupees in 2006. 0360-5442/$ – see front matter Ó 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. doi:10.1016/j.energy.2008.10.016 In this paper, there is a special emphasis on electricity generation as it is a convenient secondary form of energy and can be efficiently used for the provision of many end-uses. At present the major share of renewables is traditional biomass used in cook stoves (chulhas) for cooking. In this paper we review the status of different renewables in India, the potential and identify barriers and strategies for accelerated deployment. 2. Geothermal energy The geothermal resources in India have not been exploited commercially for heat or power generation. The geothermal resources have been mapped and the Geological Survey of India estimates the potential to be of the order of 10,000 MW (e) [3]. Most of the current usage of geothermal energy is for direct use for bathing and swimming. Chandrasekharam [3] estimates an installed capacity of 203 MW (thermal) with an annual energy use of 1607 TJ/year and a capacity factor of 25%. It is expected that the geothermal sources can be used for low grade heating and direct utilization in the food processing industry. At Ladakh demonstrations of heat pumps are planned and a 50 MW power plant is......

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...Tecnologia/Technology THE USE OF HYBRID VEHICLES AS A PROPOSAL FOR REDUCING CO2 EMISSIONS AND ITS CONTRIBUTION TO REDUCING GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS C. A. R. de Carvalho, and W. Q. Lamas University of Taubate Postgraduate Programme in Mechanical Engineering Rua Daniel Danelli, s/n – Jd. Morumbi 12060-440, Taubate, SP, Brazil carlosalfredo.carvalho@hotmail.com, wendell@unitau.br ABSTRACT The problems related to energy consumption and pollutant emissions for the transport sector represent a major global concern regarding climate changes caused by greenhouse gases, directly related to the increased level of gas emissions from fossil fuels , the main one being carbon dioxide. One way to minimize this problem is through the introduction of new technologies. Hybrid cars are one of the new technology options that has the main advantage of reducing fuel consumption and therefore reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. This paper gives an introduction to hybrid vehicles, with the aim of presenting their main advantages and evaluate their impact on emissions of CO2 in the Brazilian fleet, compared to conventional vehicles. Keywords: CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, hybrid vehicles. NOMENCLATURE AR ER PEF N average round by a vehicle, km/year emission rate of CO2 per vehicle, t/year pollutant emission factor, g/km number of vehicles in the year INTRODUCTION Climate change and the increase in greenhouse gases are the main topics of discussion today in global......

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...SAE TECHNICAL PAPER SERIES 2003-01-2307 A Comparative Study of the Production Applications of Hybrid Electric Powertrains Harry L. Husted Delphi Corporation Reprinted From: Hybrid Vehicle and Energy Storage Technologies (SP-1789) Future Transportation Technology Conference Costa Mesa, California June 23-25, 2003 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001 U.S.A. Tel: (724) 776-4841 Fax: (724) 776-5760 Web: www.sae.org All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of SAE. For permission and licensing requests contact: SAE Permissions 400 Commonwealth Drive Warrendale, PA 15096-0001-USA Email: permissions@sae.org Fax: 724-772-4891 Tel: 724-772-4028 For multiple print copies contact: SAE Customer Service Tel: 877-606-7323 (inside USA and Canada) Tel: 724-776-4970 (outside USA) Fax: 724-776-1615 Email: CustomerService@sae.org ISSN 0148-7191 Copyright © 2003 SAE International Positions and opinions advanced in this paper are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of SAE. The author is solely responsible for the content of the paper. A process is available by which discussions will be printed with the paper if it is published in SAE Transactions. Persons wishing to submit papers to be considered for presentation or publication by SAE should send the......

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... TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary Introduction What is a Hybrid Vehicle a. Brief History and Explanation b. How it Works c. Recent Popularity and Expected Future Sales Demographics a. Age b. Gender c. Income d. Ethnicity Psychographics Green Marketing Strategies The Decision Making Process a. About the Process b. Problem Recognition c. Information Search d. Evaluation of Alternatives e. Product Choice and Outcome f. Conclusion Diffusion of Innovation a. About the Process b. Compatibility c. Trialability d. Complexity e. Observability f. Relative advantage g. Prediction of Future Diffusion Conclusion Works Cited 2 3 4 6 9 10 12 16 20 23 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This is a comprehensive report that discusses the innovation of the fuel efficient and environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle, which types of consumers purchase them and suggests certain Consumer Behavior concepts that explain why they are becoming so popular. The report begins with a brief explanation of the vehicles history along with a short explanation of how the vehicle operates. It also explains how the impacts of our economy and the environment have created a new wave of popularity and demand for the hybrid. It then transitions into the demographics and psychographics segment of the hybrid target market: age, gender, income, ethnicity, and the environmentally conscious attitudes that create the demand to purchase a hybrid vehicle. The next section of the report suggests three consumer......

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...outlines the research I would like to continue regarding the feasibility of alternative energy sources in vehicles, particularly in hybrid vehicles. I have included a summary of the topic, a description of the graphics I plan to use, deadlines that will be met, costs involved, and an outline for the report. I am quite eager to research this topic more and appreciate you taking the time to read through this proposal. If you need to get a hold of me, you can reach me at bpryan@ualberta.ca. Attached: “Proposal: Are Hybrids Really That Good?” Proposal: Are Hybrids Really That Good? Introduction The following is a proposal to write a research report analysing the efficiency and environmental sustainability of switching from a traditional fuel burning vehicle to a hybrid. This proposal will contain some information on the contents of the research paper, a presumed audience level, a schedule and outline for the areas I will address in the paper, as well as my qualifications for researching this topic. A budget as well as a list of project deadlines will also be added to the end of this proposal. With regards to my topic, it will focus on the most common type of hybrid: the electric hybrid. This vehicle combines an internal combustion engine with one or more electric motors to decrease fuel consumption and contribute less to pollution. These electric hybrids have always interested me and so to have the opportunity to research this topic would really open my eyes to the cold......

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...Written by: swiss_2415 Hybrid Vehicles 1 Hybrid Vehicles: (Effects on the environment) Arthur Gil Environmental Investigations Professor April 4,2005 Hybrid Vehicles 2 As gasoline prices increase and the environment becomes unstable, people will begin to look for other modes to power their automobiles. One of those modes is know as hybrid power. A vehicle is considered a hybrid when it combines two or more sources of power. For example, a mo-ped (a motorized pedal bike) is a type of hybrid because it combines the power of a gasoline engines with the pedal power of the rider. Hybrid vehicles are an alternative being used to decrease the emissions of vehicles and to decrease the amount of fossil fuels being used. Hybrid vehicles also cost less to operate because of the decreased fuel usage. The gasoline-electric hybrid car is a cross between a gasoline-powered car and an electric car. Hybrid vehicles are all around us. Most of the locomotives we see pulling trains are diesel-electric hybrids. According too How Cars Work, Cities like Seattle have diesel-electric buses these can draw electric power from overhead wires or run on diesel when they are away from the wires. There are two kinds of hybrids. The parallel hybrid has a fuel tank which supplies gasoline to the engine. But it also has a set of batteries that supplies power to an electric motor. Both the engine and the electric motor can turn the transmission at the same time, and the transmission then turns the......

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