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Sarkozy Hyper-presidency
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Sarkozy Hyper-presidency France political governance has experienced numerous leaders with different approaches to its leadership. Nicholas Sarkozy is one of the political leaders who has made himself a name in the history of France. Sarkozy political career started at an early age with a win in the Neuilly Mayor position. Sarkozy was elected as the president in May 2007 through a party that was known as a UMP ( Union for a Popular Movement) becoming the sixth president of the French Republic. Although upon his election his party did not obtain majority compared to the opposition, he launched his reforms and included politicians from the opposition in his government. The paper, therefore, seeks to examine why Sarkozy was referred to as a hyper-president as well as establish whether the presidency is still powerful as compared to the past. Sarkozy title of hyper-president resulted after numerous accomplishments he made during his tenure as president. The president changed the leadership style that other presidents had used in the past, resulting in a better profile of the country among the European countries. Sarkozy did take the first courageous step to run the government as per the new quinquennial institutional rules. The president was the first ever president to govern under these rules which established the presidency hierarchy during his interactions.Sarkozy made several reforms which entailed creating new legislative domination instruments that did consolidate older political models with the new political space. The president did restore political ascendancy, successfully bringing back the president instruments ( Dennis 2009). He…...

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