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Growth of a Genius in Management
My understanding in management deepened with the rise of my age. My charisma in interpersonal relations that can help win instant popularity easily was displayed when I was pupil. Every classmate treated me as their best friend naturally. This situation gave me a good opportunity to get to know everyone’s strength and needs. The ability to gain instant popularity is not human nature, and neither is mine. But my parents set me good example. My father is a business man who told me that keeping honest and smiling is one of the best ways to make customers come back again. And my mother said that keep their secret to others is the guarantee that they will confide to you. Under the impact of these two elements I have become a man who always was the soul of a team without being aware of it.
However, it does not mean that I was to please everyone on purpose. The third day I came into junior school I fought with a classmate because he did not like the way I deterred him from loudly talking in the library. It made me realize that the smooth implementation of rules involves a right method. So I adopted a soft style to communicate to the people around me using advises rather than orders.
I did not get any experience in management during senior school. Because all the members in this best senior school were study-oriented, no one would break the atmosphere of learning. But when I recall these 3 years time, it still enlightens me. I noticed that we can make a system work well by collecting the right members and instilling a positive team culture to them.
From on my studies in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) I made excellent performance in the course of enterprise management,logistics management,quality control,human factors and the theory of industrial engineering. Almost every discipline related to management I learned was easy for me…...

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