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Video broadcasting and analyze the network traffic


2. Review of other’s work (issues in the video broadcasting in the eLearning platform and network traffic analyze)

3. Technology adapted –essentials of c# plat form

4. Approach- an approach to the e learning platform with video broadcasting
This is the best chapter in any thesis to develop before other chapters
4.1 Introduction
We have already stated the research problem and the technology to be used for devising a solution for the problem.in chapter 3 we discussed the technology to be used or solving the problem identifying in the chapter 3.in chapter 3 we have identified MySQL and some other thing as the technology for devising automated solution for the inventory management system
In this chapter we describe or put forward our approach to automated solution for (the system u are going to build) for this purpose first we present our hypothesis then go into the discussion of input, output, process, users and features.
In this discussion we point out how our proposed solution (write the acronym) differ from similar system
4.2. Hypothesis (using this technology can solve the problem, it the assumption)
Open source based computer solution can improve the efficiency of order management system.
4.3. Users
This system is targeted for officers and other staff members in kdu.it can also be accessed by administrators and other technical staff for maintaining and updating the system

4.4 .input
Capturing the video and sound using web cam by the system as the main input
4.5. Output
Video is broadcasted between lectures and students
4.6. Process
Explain the details of the system with the relevant technology used or conversion of input to the out put
The captured video and sounds will be processed and sent to the web browser. After that it will be displayed over the web.…...

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