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Idea Map for Writers

Thesis: The world offers me many places to go. The best part of travel is sharing the many experiences we’ve encountered, good or bad.
Thesis: The world offers me many places to go. The best part of travel is sharing the many experiences we’ve encountered, good or bad.

Concluding: I ended up flashing my lights and honking his horn to an oncoming car just before pulling into a parking lot, where my friend told me, “Dude you are in America now, drive right!” I then gave him his keys and had him drive home.
Concluding: I ended up flashing my lights and honking his horn to an oncoming car just before pulling into a parking lot, where my friend told me, “Dude you are in America now, drive right!” I then gave him his keys and had him drive home.
Explanation: In the U.K. all driving is done is the left lane, whereas in the U.S.A. we drive on the right side.
Explanation: In the U.K. all driving is done is the left lane, whereas in the U.S.A. we drive on the right side.
Explanation: By rethinking of where on the globe I was located, I felt like I was an alien who had to make this new place home.
Explanation: By rethinking of where on the globe I was located, I felt like I was an alien who had to make this new place home.
Concluding Sentence: As time passed, I learned the way of life of the local people. Adapting into a new culture can seem hard, but if you remember that we all are human, we can enjoy travel even more.
Concluding Sentence: As time passed, I learned the way of life of the local people. Adapting into a new culture can seem hard, but if you remember that we all are human, we can enjoy travel even more.
Detail: My buddy picked me up from the airport in his new Mustang, and let me test drive it. He was scared to the point of silence as I drove in the left lane.
Detail: My buddy picked me up from…...

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