Identity Thief an Old Problem in a Modern Era

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Identity Thief an Old Problem in a Modern Era
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KNOCK, KNOCK!!! …Who there? It Is I...I who? This is the question everyone must pose nowadays, for we don’t know who actual is behind that door. It could be your friend, family member or you banker but worst yet it can some devious individual posing to be someone you know or impersonating someone else to gain your trust in order to steal from you by stealing your identity. Identity thief has become a common practice in this Age of High Tech. One such area is the internet which has made transmission of our personally identifying information quick and easy, and sometimes less secure. Therefore just about anyone and everyone is susceptible to getting their identity stolen or compromised. So how did we get here you may ask? Well, that a good question. Brief History Identity thief is not something new despite the belief that it began with the internet. It has been around for thousand years or more. One of first recorded Identity thief in history and perhaps one of the greatest to occur happen in the Bible. It is The Blessing of Jacob by Deception (Genesis 27:1-46, King James Version). Jacob the youngest son of Isaac deceives his father by claiming to be his oldest brother, Esau (eldest son of Isaac) in order to receive the blessing that was reserved for the firstborn son. And Jacob said unto his father, I am Esau thy firstborn; I have done according as thou badest me: arise, I pay thee, sit and eat of my venison, that thy soul may bless me. (Genesis 27:19, King James Version). Concerned that he may be deceived Isaac touched his son and asked him if he was Esau for Jacob did not sound like Esau. Art thou my very son Esau? And he said, I am. (Genesis 27:24, King James Version) For that brief moment in time Jacob assumed (stole) Esau identity. By stealing the blessing reserved for the firstborn son, Jacob…...

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