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Because I can't see anything to be unhappy about my life. I don't seek more for happiness. I had developed the capacitiy to enjoy less. I have very few but precious people in my life. I most likely to appear as a timid person but deep inside me, I'm happy. My life is not perfect. I am not perfect. But happiness is about the acceptance of what you already have. If the simple things in life don't put a smile on my face then I will never be truly happy.

First thing's first. Who am I? I'd say I'm a typical teenage girl who have just enough craps that I decided to smile and just be happy. I know myself better than anyone else. I can go on a day without talking to anyone. Just me, myself, and I. Not talking to anyone is schematic. I keep things for myself and no one can destroy my reputation for I don't talk. If people call me, I'd turn to them and smile even if it against me. It would be a shame if I don't react on people addressing me but more likely I wouldn't care that much. I don't like being in the spotlight though I accept merits. I like putting my profile low. I don't dream of becoming anything or anyone else other than being me. I can be fake at most times making it look like I have a high self-esteem even if I don't. I have a very selfish sense of myself and that's just me. I am happy that way.

My social self depends on who I am. I am a daughter following my parents' creed. I am a sister to inspire my siblings. I am a student studying hard to learn and graduate on time. I am a friend to few that is always there whenever, wherever I am. I am a citizen of this country striving for my daily needs. These aspects are all normal and there's nothing distinct about it. What's distinct is the people itself. I can't avoid comparing myself but classifying oneself is a better way than comparing. I don't say that I can't be with the people that is completely…...

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