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If I were a voice, a persuasive voice, That could travel the wide world through,
I would fly on the beams of the morning light, And speak to men with a gentle might,
And tell them to be true. I'd fly, I'd fly, o'er land and sea, Wherever a human heart might be,
Telling a tale, or singing a song, In praise of the right - in blame of the wrong.
If I were a voice, a consoling voice, I'd fly on the wings of air,
The homes of Sorrow and Guilt I'd seek, And calm and truthful words I'd speak
To save them from Despair. I'd fly, I'd fly, o'er the crowded town,
And drop, like the happy sun-light, down Into the hearts of suffering men,
And teach them to rejoice again.
If I were a voice, a convincing voice, I'd travel with the wind,
And whenever I saw the nations torn By warfare, jealousy, or scorn,
If I were a voice, a convincing voice, I 'd travel with the wind,
And whenever I saw the nations torn By warfare, jealousy, or scorn,
Or hatred of their kind, I'd fly, I'd fly, on the thunder-crash,
And into their blinded bosoms flash; And, all their evil thoughts subdued,
I'd teach them Christian Brotherhood.
If I were a voice, a pervading voice, I'd seek the kings of Earth;
I'd find them alone on their beds at night-- And whisper words that should guide them right--
Lessons of priceless worth; I'd fly more swift than the swiftest bird,
And tell them things they never heard-- Truths which the ages for aye repeat--
Unknown to the statesmen at their feet.
If I were a voice, an immortal voice, I'd speak in the people's ear;
And whenever they shouted "Liberty," Without deserving to be free,
I'd make their error clear. I'd fly, I'd fly, on the wings of day,
Rebuking wrong on my world-wide way, And making all the Earth rejoice--
If I were a voice--an immortal…...

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