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Peer Checklist for Project One

Answer each category with a simple Yes or No. If you answer no, please explain in the “suggestions for revision” section. If you answer yes to all categories, please offer a few constructive remarks in some of the categories.

Introduction and Thesis:

Does the paper have an introductory paragraph that introduces the ad, TV show, or film and ideas that lead up to the thesis statement or argument of the paper?

Is the thesis statement placed at the end of the introduction?

Does the thesis statement assert a clear argument about the message of the ad, TV show, or film and the impact that message may have on its audience or society? Suggestions for Revision:

Paragraph Development and Organization:

Does each body paragraph offer substantial analysis of how the ad, film, or TV show conveys messages about our culture and society?

Are the paragraphs cohesive? In other words, do the sentences in each paragraph clearly relate to and build on one another? Is the entire paper cohesive? In other words, do all the paragraphs clearly relate to and build on one another?

Suggestions for Revision:

Evidence and Support:

Does the paper have specific references to and quotations from the work (the ad, TV show, or film)?

Does the paper use quotes from or references to three secondary sources for support? Suggestions for Revision:

Conclusion: Does the paper have an effective conclusion that goes beyond simply restating the ideas in the paper? In other words, does it attempt to show why the topic is significant? Suggestions for Revision:

MLA Documentation and Integration of Research: Is each quote, paraphrase, and summary introduced with a brief lead-in or signal phrase?…...

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