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CCJ 11 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Topic: How does the Australian Criminal Justice system respond to one of the forms of crime? addressed in the last part of the course/unit? What are the Strengths and Weakness of this response? Crimes addressed include White Collar and Corporate Crime, Organized Crime, Illicit Drugs and Violence.

Illicit drugs affect everyone. They may cause family problems, health problems even effort jobs or your performance. Even with the use of drugs that may have to be swallowed or even injected into your own body could increase chances of obtaining the HIV virus.
But drugs that we smoke like marijuana could cause lung cancer. Illicit drugs can also affect the brain, by causing the brain cells to die and in cases resulting in permanent brain damage.
The abuse of drugs also affect the economy, people using drugs are accident waiting to happen.
Each year drug uses is the cause of a large number of accidents at home, office and on the roads.
Everybody pays the price of drug abuse more cops and prisons more hospitals and treatment centers and many lives lost.

Australia has approximately one drug overdose death each year. Broadly speaking, the prevalence of illicit drugs has been falling since the late 1990’s though some drugs have increased over that period. The authoritative reports below will summaries the trends as follows.
In 2010, approximately 15% of the national population 14 years and above had used one or more illicit drugs in the past 12 months, with Cannabis the most commonly used illicit drug (10.3%), followed by MDMA (ecstasy),(3.0%) and amphetamines and cocaine (each used by 21%). Non – medical pharmaceutical use (0.2% to 0.4%). Just by using drugs they become part of the drug world. They are already committing a crime. But the relationship between drug use and crime often means that drug uses go on to…...

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...Drug dependence is a systemic process that affects and is affected by the interaction between the dependent person, the drug and the other people involved (Da Silva, E. A., Noto, E. A., & Formigoni, M. L. O.S, 2007). The people affected the most are typically friends and close family members. It is said that people hurt the ones closest to them and after reviewing the effects of drugs on family members, it appears to be true. When a drug user is on drugs, nothing else in the world seems to matter; not even a loving, supporting family. Drugs can put pressure on the most ideal relationships. A strained familial relationship can occur when the drug user assumes the loved ones will always support him or her, but hides the truth from the family. Domestic violence, neglect, depression and guilt are issues that will be discussed in this paper. This paper will also discuss how families cope with drug overdose and drug treatments available to family members. Drug abuse is known to have many side effects on the user: erratic behavior damage to the nervous system and brain cells, premature death and so forth. Research shows that there can be emotional, financial psychological damage done to familial relationships as well. If the drug user has a family and is considered to be the breadwinner or has a significant amount of income, drug abuse could lead to lack of performance at work and eventually, loss of income. Money is one of biggest reasons why couples fight and if drugs are a......

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