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Canssandra Stancil Gunkel
Culture, Race and Ethnicity
September 17, 2015

Writing Assignment People with different worldviews encounter all the time, one example I would like to start with is in the story “THE SOVEREIGNTY AND GOODNESS OF GOD”.
At the sunrise of Feb. 10, 1676 at Lancaster, Massachusetts was attacked by Indians. Mary Rowlandson was taken hostage with her three children. Mary and her children for more than 11 weeks and 5 days traveled through the wilderness with the indians as they ran away from the bloody scene. She traveled with them to over 20 places. Mary’s belief of a puritan was to clean the churches and she also believed in predestination. Which is the belief that God has already decided who goes to heaven or hell. The Narragansett indians belief was very different from the Puritan because they didn’t believe in a God, they had different gods and relied a lot on nature.
[stereotyping: define] The part where I saw stereotyping was when Mary met the indians, she viewed the indians as savages at first because of the slaughter of her family members but as time went on she realized they were nice people, they fed her meals. They became cool with Mary and she started to make clothes for them in exchange for food. The beliefs of Mary colored the whole situation as a way to strengthen her faith in God and a quote to prove that is (Isaiah 43.2) “When thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee, and through the rivers they shall not overflow thee” and the bible verse was saying that through any tough time God will be with her and no obstacle would be able to put her down. In the story “Indian Captivity of William Biggs”, the main character William was captured by the Kickapoo Indians. He saw the Kickapoo as good people and a non threat.…...

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